Time after time

There was once a bird who flew over the ocean, chasing a dream of finding better things. Without a plan-only freedom awaited. He flew from one tree to another, day-after-day, in the hope of seeing dawn in new places. Sometimes, he’d hope to see clouds in different shapes, or just pause to be showered in moonlight’s glow.

But his dreams were in fact only that- just dreams. The bird’s brief pauses during his long travels only heightened his loneliness, and the quick pit-stops began to feel like endless decades. The bird flew alongside companions from other species, but he noticed that they all travelled at their own rhythms. It felt isolating to be singing in a dialect that wasn’t familiar to the creatures around him.

He feared the uncertainty of his next destination, while also questioning his longing for chasing better things. Would his dreams shatter as he kept flying?

© 2021 by Chakrit Leelachupong